Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Going to the Dentist

As a child, my mom would have the dentist seal our teeth so we wouldn't get cavities. You know how kids are about oral hygiene... So naturally, I had never had a cavity before.

Jump forward to when I get home from my first 2 semesters at college: I have 2 cavities. How embarrassing. I got them filled, and vowed to be a better brusher.

Jump forward to our first dentist appointment after 2 years of marriage: 3 cavities. One on the surface of the molar, and one double-time cavity in between 2 molars (as a result of poor flossing habits). I got them filled and vowed to be a better flosser.

I bought some of these and have been really good about using them daily! I can honestly say that I floss every day.

Jump forward to yesterday: Conrad and I both have a cavity. His was from poor flossing habits, mine was actually a genetic flaw in my tooth. I have always had a little pit in one of my teeth, and as a kid I always thought it was a cavity (it's a little tiny hole). It was never deep enough and never had any decay, so it technically wasn't a cavity. Whelp, it finally deepened, and now is a cavity. I have to go get my SIXTH cavity filled this week. 

How embarrassing for me. 

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