Thursday, January 19, 2012

All you need is _ _ _ _

picture courtesy of Elise Capener

In two weeks, I've had 2 people tell me how much Conrad loves me.
"He just adores you. He thinks you are so funny. I was watching him when we were at dinner, and he was just staring at you the whole time."

I love when he comes home and looks all around the house because I'm the first thing he wants to see when he gets off work. I love when he squirms when we cuddle. I love that he's the snuggly one in the relationship.

And I'm glad people notice. 

He told me once, "You are just so cute. When you get home I'm going to take a picture of you."

Isn't our sappiness just the best? I love him. Like, love love. It's gross. 

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