Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I love today

  • hot showers
  • friends who call you really early to take you to breakfast and help you procrastinate homework
  • the smell of freshly shampoo'd hair
  • super fluffy socks
  • turning my heater on to 70 degrees (Conrad, don't get mad! I do this when you're gone, then when you get home I run and turn it back to 68)
  • Ninners. He is just so dang cute.
  • knowing that I get to see my family soon
  • approaching graduation in July!!! Seriously, it's weird to think there will soon be a day when I don't have homework.
Things I'm wishing for:
  • Conrad to come home early and snuggle me to death (ok, maybe not to death. maybe just to sleep)
  • a nice camera
  • multiple new clothing items
  • a personal chef/shopper/maid/homework doer

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