Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lazy-Day Follow Up

So I told you yesterday that today was going to be busy, which is why I did nothing but lounge for my so-called mental health. I kept my promise. I was moving nonstop all day.

Woke up, ate breakfast, put on scrubs.
Go to nursing home, assist the doctor in all of the gloriously gross things we do there.
Drove straight to staff meeting, where there was lunch waiting for me (thank goodness).
Came home, got my grocery list, went to the grocery store. Didn't even sit down.
Keep in mind, I'm still wearing my scrubs.
Get groceries, come home, put them away.
Work on homework, attend my online class meeting.
Make dinner, realize I forgot basil, realize dinner can still be crazy good without it.
Conrad comes home, spend 10 minutes with him while eating dinner.
We both leave at the same time, me for Mutual, him for work.
Just got home.

Whew! I actually like being this busy. I don't eat as much [which is always a good thing. summer is always coming], and I'm super productive. Cons, however, are that I don't sleep as well, which makes my muscles tense [at least I have an excuse for a massage!], and also, my hair sort of falls out. Not on an alopecia level or anything, but I shed more.

Some of my favorite quotes from working at the nursing home:
"Are you Jewish? You look Jewish."
"I used to live here before all the Mexicans and Blacks moved in."
"It's f***ing freezing in here. I'm going to sue you."
"You look just like my first wife. She was great in bed."
"Get your hands off me! You NEVER listen!" (First time I saw her)
"It's colder than blazes in here!" (we get lots of comments on the temperature)
"Is he the doctor? Oh, he is so handsome. Don't you think he is just so handsome?" (right in front of the doctor)
"I can't get my toenails done today. I have a plane to catch."
"Are you having a baby? Why not?"

Isn't it funny how something totally racist and offensive is just sort of charming when an 80 year old says it?

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