Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One of those days

Today I worked, went to lunch with my friend, went for a walk with another friend, and pretended to work on my classes but really just watched Psych. I was moderately productive, and now all I want to do is lounge. I want to take a long bath, a long nap, and lay on the couch and read a non-academic book.

I'm going to work at the nursing home tomorrow (take note of my feigned enthusiasm), after which I'll attend a work meeting, get groceries, tutor, go to mutual, and work on school. I think, in anticipation of all that productivity, I deserve a relaxation night. No cooking dinner, no dishes, certainly no cleaning or homework. Just hanging out at home with my husband.

To balance off yesterdays, er, heavier reading, here's a silly video that I just can't stop watching. I'm 100% sure I've already posted it. It's that good.

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  1. hahaha. i love it. there are so many good parts, i cant even call one out. doing squats works your thyroid. hahah


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