Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be mine

So, all the blogs I follow are posting super cute Valentine's Day posts with their festive decorations [homemade cards and doilies and hearts] and foods [heart-shaped pizza, heart-shaped/pink everythings] and activities [you know what I'm talking about]. 

Here's how my Valentine's Day is going: 
Work all day
Come home at 6:00
Do homework and watch Downton Abbey (but let's be honest, we know which one I'll be doing more of)
Wait for Conrad to come home after working late
Sit on the couch with our laptops
Go to sleep early

I'm considering making a fort in my living room. By myself. While I eat my store-bought oven-cooked pizza. Alone. 

How romantic!

Ok, so it's not as pathetic as it sounds. To be fair, we already went out last night. We didn't want to have to fight for a parking space and a reservation, so we beat the crowds and went to sushi and a movie with some friends. They brought their little 3-month-old, and Conrad and I had some quality baby-holding-time. 

And I told him that every time he holds a baby, we're going to make out later. 

And a post on the Frame Tales isn't a post without a gushy mention of my super-sweet husband who is amazing and let's me order too much sushi even though he know's I won't finish it. And he takes the trash out. And he always snuggles me in the morning when he's about to leave for work. And he is going to love the fort that I just decided to build. 

And we're going to make out in it.

And that, my friends, is what we call a Valentine's Day Marriage, where everyday is disgustingly romantic, except on the day that's supposed to be.


  1. ha! sounds like shane and i. we are doing homework and watching the jazz game. like every other night. and eating pigs in a blanket. fancy, i know.

  2. That's an incredible idea.. telling your husband that you'll make out for holding babies... I'm going to have to use this strategy for a couple of other things I'd like him to do.


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