Friday, February 17, 2012

Last luxuries for a while

So today I went and grabbed a massage with a friend, and we went out to lunch after. This lunch. It was my first time eating crab this way, and it was so fun! What a sensory experience. Wrap your papery bib around your neck [warning: do not take pictures with the bib on; it definitely adds ten or fifty pounds]. You have to grip the long, spiky, elbow-y leg, and crack it. You'll have juice all over your hands. Then you can peel away the shell and pull out the soft, sweet meat inside. Squirt some fresh lemon or butter on it, and you'll be in heaven. We got zucchini and mac and cheese on the side. One pound of crab meat was enough to share (if you're with another girl, probably not if you're with Husband). Then you toss your hollowed out crab legs into a bowl and take the above picture. I must say, I'm glad that this splurge day of pampering was my sendoff to a more frugal, but somehow equally social life.

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