Sunday, March 25, 2012

On a rainy Sunday evening

We eat cereal in pajamas while watching X-Files. Then I try to kiss my darling, and he's distracted by the aliens and UFO's on-screen, and he keeps his mouth open, and get all slobbered on, and it's gross. And then we listen to the rain fall outside, and enjoy the rest of the night.

Some awkward pokes from the week:
- Driving slowly through directed traffic, avoiding eye contact with the person who's directing it. But then you accidentally look, and he's staring right at you. And then he salutes you. Um, thank you?
- Going in to kiss your husband square on the lips, but he doesn't realize what you're doing, and gives you a high-five instead. I've just come to terms with the fact that kissing Conrad is pretty much going to be awkward every time.
- Attending a hip-hop cardio class. Me and hip-hop? ...yikes. It was just a hot mess.
- The fact that I'm more sore today from said hip-hop class than I usually am from Crossfit.
- That horrible feeling you have right when you barefoot-kick a chair or table leg, and don't feel pain right away, but you know it's coming. And you just stand there, kind of stunned for a second, just waiting for the pain to come, and you clench your teeth. This isn't so much awkward as it is awful.
- Singing loudly to myself "Gimme one reason to stay here...and I'll turn right back around!" as I'm walking from my car to my house. Then I walk past the parking garage (which is only gated, so you can hear and see everything from it) and realize that there is someone there who heard me. And then I walk a little further and see not one, but three people on their balcony, looking at me like "yeah, you're so embarrassed right now." So what do I do? I keep singing. "You better make me change my mind!"

Share your awkward poke moments in the comments!

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  1. Hi Tess
    Your blog is one of the blogs on my list and every so often I "pop" in for a visit. It is so cute how you narrate things. :)

    And it is my way of staying in touch with your family, since I have a soft spot for your folks. They are always so kind, and I have such a great time when I am in town, that everything becomes special (even the burrito breakfasts at that place your Mom loves :))

    Hugs to you all from Brazil.


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