Monday, March 26, 2012

Some exciting news!

I woke up with a sore throat this morning, probably as a result of the sliding glass doors allowing tons of freezing, humid night air into our room. Also, sometimes my retainer is uncomfortable, so I mouth-breath all night. Cute, right? Today I have tons of homework (only one more week of school after this!), and I'm meeting some friends for a pizza lunch. Maybe the weather will be sunny? 

On another note, the pillows pictured above are some lovelies I made for my etsy shop. They turned out really well. The pictures are less than perfect, but what's new? I made a hilariously disastrous attempt to sew some "Easter egg pillows," and I literally feel embarrassed when I look at them. I'm so ashamed. They look more like tear-drops than eggs, and they're sewn all crooked.  Ugh, I can't even talk about it. 

Anyway, I thought it would be the perfect time to announce some exciting blog-related news! I've asked Kiersten White (pictured below), author of the Paranormalcy series, to do an interview for you guys! If you've ever read her books, you know she's really funny and an excellent writer. She's absolutely hilarious in real life, too. She's also throwing in  free, signed copy of Paranormalcy! It's all coming soon, so tell your friends! Check out her site for tips on writing, becoming a famous author, and hilarious anecdotes. I've got a couple other giveaways lined up, too, so make sure you are following the blog so you're eligible to win stuff! The more people who follow, the more giveaways I'll have!


Some things I love today:
- My big, fluffy, white robe. It's the first thing I go to in the morning. Second, my computer, and third, my toothbrush. 
- That the sun is shining today. It's been pretty stormy all weekend, and a big portion of Southern California lost power for several hours last night. I'm grateful we weren't affected. Welcome back, sunshine!
- That I'm going to eat pizza in 4 hours. 
- That I actually woke up to my alarm and didn't sleep in. Sleeping in is gross. I always wake up groggy or with a headache, plus, have the day is wasted! 
- My family. I get to see them over Easter, and I'm counting the hours.  

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