Monday, March 19, 2012

The rainy day drink

Who needs hot chocolate on a rainy day? Not this girl. Save the hot chocolate for a warm day, and pass me a cold diet pepsi! And a neon green knitted beanie. We tried to leave the house and recycle Conrad's old truck radiator, but the shop was closed. It was absolutely pouring. So when we got home, we bundled up and went to our separate rooms where Conrad played Starcraft and I watched Alcatraz and blogged. We have such a healthy marriage. But really, I love that guy so much! our 3-year anniversary is coming up in a week, and then we've got General Conference, and then Easter. Needless to say, we've got some fun stuff coming up. I'll need some help brainstorming for all of it. "ohhh, Pinterest!" 


  1. You look so beautiful!

    Also, I think that being able to spend time apart and do your own thing and be totally ok with it is a definite sign of a healthy marriage!


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