Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cottage cheese pancakes

By this point you guys must be wondering "Why does this girl put so much stuff in her pancakes?" The answer is that I don't like regular pancakes. They're too bready, and I always get hungry soon after because they're all carbs. I have to add some protein, usually in the form of eggs (like the delicious, eggy German pancakes), but sometimes in the form of a dairy product. Like these cottage cheese pancakes. They are so yummy, and really filling, and all the ingredients are super cheap and easy. Most people have all of them in their fridge or pantry. 

Mix together:
1 cup cottage cheese (I use lowfat)
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons vegetable oil 
3 eggs

Spray a griddle, and cook like regular pancakes. The batter will be lumpy - it's the cheese curds. Don't fret. You want that. Then they melt and make the world a better place (cheese tends to do that). My mother-in-law blends her batter in a blender, and this makes all the curds blend in. You could do that, but I prefer the chunks. 


  1. must try. thanks for the confession today.. xoxo. hope you dont go blind. have fun at the beach today? that shoulda been your confession. or you coulda shared your most embarrassing.. lol

  2. Great recipe, I love that they are so much more filling than regular pancakes! I will use this recipes next time we have "breakfast" for dinner.


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