Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Nail Colors

Smokey grey and bright orange. I was going to buy a mint green, but there wasn't any at the store. Even more perfect: the grey color is called Chinchilly. My emotional devotion to my beloved pet Ninners just couldn't allow me to pass up a nail polish called CHINCHILLY.

Speaking of Ninners, I've been looking for some tiny bunny ears for him for Easter. All I found was this:

Anyways, a couple nights ago I dreamed that I had a pet lion, and I had to let him go into the wild, and I woke up crying. I've also had dreams about Ninners running away. Most recently I had a dream that I had a baby. When I woke up, I walked into our second bedroom to go get him, and freaked out when there wasn't a crib in there. Then I remembered: I don't have a baby. These are the things I dream about. 


  1. Loved the nail polish colors (especially the top one! :)

    Down here, in Brazil (because we're in the tropics) we get all sorts of colors: lime green, violet, 'hot' pink, name it, we've got it. Fun! :)

  2. LOVE the grey polish... I want :)
    Ok. Your lion dream. I read a book once where there was a pet lion and he was the most loyal of animals! Ever since then I have wanted a pet lion, ha ha!

    1. Courtney, seriously, my dream was ridiculously emotional. I was in a funk all day because I had to let my best friend/pet lion go into the wild. Have you seen the video of the men who raised a lion cub, released him, and found him again? The lion recognized the men and hugged and kissed them. Tears, Courtney. Tears.

  3. Looooooove your pretty nails and toes, thanks so much for linking up!

    Isn't it crazy how dreams can totally affect our moods when we're awake?


  4. Ooh, I love the first color. I'm visiting from Mani Monday. :)

  5. Gray and orange are two of my fav colors together. Love!

    Visiting from Mani Monday!

  6. I love Chinchilly, it's one of my favorites as well! Visiiting from Mani Monday, can't wait to see more!


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