Sunday, April 1, 2012

Five things you'll never hear me say

- No, I'm not in the mood for Lucky Charms. Too sugary.
- No thanks, I don't want a new camera/computer/wardrobe.
- Sure! Pass the peanut butter.
- I like being pale.
- I'm thinking about dying my hair black.

Here's a tidbit that will make your Spring and Summer a little more joyful:
Dip fresh strawberries in sour cream, then brown sugar. Oh, mama. This is the good stuff.


  1. HA HA! You'll never hear me say those things either... except for the peanut butter one. You really don't like PB??

    1. I'm super allergic to peanut butter! So naturally, I would never ask for it, simply out of desire for survival.

  2. Sour Cream!??!? I am going to have to try that...

    I will never dye my hair black either.. lol

  3. "oh mama!!!" i can hear you in my head, and i love it.


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