Thursday, April 19, 2012

The aviator

Khakis: Nordstrom. Shirt: Victoria's Secret (alike). Bomber jacket: Nordstrom Rack. Belt: American Eagle. Triangle scarf: UO. Sunglasses: some kiosk in Pacific Beach. 

Did you know that in the 1940's, if a girl was boy-crazy, they called her "khaki wacky" because all the boys were in the service? I thought this outfit was a cute, feminine homage to the 40's era fighter pilots. 

I made another infinity scarf this week. Instead of fuzzy warm material, it's a really light cotton, so it will pair perfectly with a sundress and sandals this summer. We've been getting really nice, moderate weather here in San Diego, and it's almost unbearable to force myself to stay inside and do homework. Is sunbathing justified if I read some Ray Bradbury while doing it? I think so. 


  1. im so glad I am not the only one whose g's go diagonally like that...

  2. im lovin that jacket. i have been looking for just the right leather jacket for some time now... but now that its almost unbearably hott, i cant quite justify it. maybe that means it will be on sale?!


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