Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Have you noticed that on days you work out, you make better eating choices? Seeing results from going to Crossfit is a huge motivator for me for eating better. I'm not necessarily eating less, but I'm eating much more nutritious food, and getting the most for my calorie intake. This is salmon salad that I used to make when I worked at a sandwich shop. It's really filling and flavorful, and salmon is always a good choice as far as healthy food.

You'll need:
2 salmon filets
1-2 sprigs of dill
1 Tbsp small capers
2 Tbsp mayo
1 lemon
Montreal steak seasoning

Cook 2 salmon filets:
Lightly spray a cooking sheet with PAM. Sprinkle Montreal steak seasoning (aka Canadian steak seasoning) on the sheet, lay down the filets, spray the top of them with PAM, and sprinkle with the seasoning. Place a lemon slice on each filet, bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes, or until cooked through. Sometimes fat will seep out of the filets. Scrape it off (as well as the skin, if the filets have skin on them) and place the filets in a bowl. 

For the salad:
Shred the salmon filets like you would for tuna salad. Add capers, mayo, chopped dill, and squeeze half a lemon, and mix well. Eat on crackers, in a sandwich with avocado, or on a salad with balsamic dressing. You won't feel guilty.

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  1. mmm podges. i love all the recipes i learned there and i still use them all the time. unfortunately shane then feels like he cannot make a sandwich himself because when i make them they are just so much better (which is true...) but still.

    also, best part of working out is the instant motivation to not eat as much crap. i always think "i can go on the stair stepper for like half an hour and thatll only count for like 3 peices of candy". no thank you!

    1. I know, I use the recipes all the time, too!

      I was killing myself on the rower the other day. I had done 1000 meters, and probably only burned 60 or 70 calories. It puts things into perspective, that candy isn't worth it. I've been turning to fruit to satisfy sweets cravings.

  2. So true!! I make such better food choices after I have spent time working out!! That's why I really love working out in the morning, I just have to get out of bed ha ha

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