Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The man with the baby

Last night Conrad and I babysat two precious little babies while their parents went out to celebrate a birthday. It was our first time watching kids together, and let me tell you, it was like playing house. The toddler is a little redhead girl, and she slept the whole time. The baby is a 4-month-old boy, and he woke up a couple times. He must have known that we wanted to coo at him and fall in love with his toothless smile. Conrad got all googly-eyed watching me and the baby play together. I laid him (the baby) down on the floor, then crouched over him and played with his feet and made him laugh. Conrad was sitting on the couch watching, so I told him to try to make the baby laugh. He crouched over the baby, and the baby reached up and put his hand on Conrad's nose and just touched his face quietly for a minute. 

Is there anything that melts your heart faster than a man with a baby?

I say not. 

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