Monday, June 11, 2012

Beach day and getting healthy

We went to the beach on Saturday and took advantage of the awesome weather. I started my day off with a healthy breakfast. I've been making an effort to eat a lot more fresh and healthy food. Today's was a bowl of cottage cheese with blueberries and 1 whole, sliced banana. I also bought a bunch of different flavored sparkling waters, which are awesome soda replacements. 

It freaking sucks to walk on these rocks. My feet hurt so bad, but I could feel my muscles working really hard because the ground was so uneven. Obviously, these rocks are not ideal for laying on, either, so I had to walk about a half-mile to get to sand. Count that as a mild workout!

Here's my improving figure. I've still got a few areas I want to work on (like that pooch and my arms), but I'm really excited about how quickly I've seen results. 

It was such a pretty day. One of my favorite things after Conrad surfs is that he has salty eyelashes and eyebrows. Every time he blinks, little white salt crystals move with his lashes. 

We topped the day off by running some errands. While at Costco, I bought a swirled fat-free frozen yogurt to share with my boo. It's full of sugar, but we didn't even eat half, so I don't feel very guilty. 


  1. I love that Costco soft serve!!

    1. I know. All of Costco's food is good. The pizza - oh my gosh. I've died and gone to pepperoni heaven.

  2. Thank you so much for linking up to Simple Steps to Healthy Living!! xoxo


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