Sunday, June 10, 2012

Toasted Turkey Apple Sandwich

Sunday is great! We came home from church starving, so I whipped up some healthy sandwiches using fresh ingredients we had in our fridge. 

French bread, sliced (I admit, a healthier alternative would be a whole grain bread)
Apples, sliced
Baby spinach
Low fat cheese (I used provolone, but havarti would be awesome)
Low sodium lunchmeat (I used honey-roasted turkey)
Honey mustard (just mix a small amount of honey with your favorite mustard)

I assembled the sandwiches with everything except the spinach, toasted it open-faced until the cheese melted, and served hot with baby carrots and apples. It was so yummy and filling, and I thought it was a super easy way to incorporate fresh produce into my meal. Conrad LOVED it. 
You know you've made something good when your man's language is suddenly limited to "baaaaabe....oh my.......baaaaaaaabe...this is....ooohhhhhh..."

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  1. Pre-sliced french bread from last nights dinner that you missed out on.


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