Saturday, June 9, 2012

Your summer guide to buns

I can guarantee you that if you see me out of the house (or in the house, for that matter), I've got my hair in some kind of bun. Here are a couple of my favorite styles, all really easy and cute. Nobody's allowed to make fun of me for these silly pictures. I had no one to hold the camera steady, so I knelt down on the floor and used the table as a platform! Oh, the life of a housewife/amateur photographer...

The Top Knot
A twisted bun to be worn on the crown of the head. Spouts of loose hair and wisps about the ears are encouraged.

 The Ballerina
A clean, twisted bun to be worn about two inches from the top of the neck. For a casual look, allow some hairs to fall down. For a sleek look, spray the hairs down and smooth.

The Hat-Compatible
 A low twisted bun or messy bun worn below and behind one ear (off-centered). It's out of the way, so a hat, no matter the size, can sit comfortably on your head without risking your hairdo. Shown below are variations with a large floppy hat, a fedora, and a cloche. 

The Salsa
The same as the Hat-Compatible. It's a low bun off-centered and then embellished with a flower or feather. I always imagine sexy, salsa dancing senoritas with this bun and lots of red lipstick. 

The Tease
A more formal bun, full and high. Channel Audrey with this high updo. I'm sporting this bun, second from the right (obviously). Tutorial below.

Gather all hair in a high ponytail. 

Separate the ponytail into sections and tease well, using a comb or a pick. I like picks because my mom always used them in the nineties. I now associate them with "grown-up-ness."

Gather the teased ponytail together, and sweep around the rubber band.

Pin down the loose bits, spray well to hold, and pin your bangs down. 

This is one of my favorite looks. It's extremely glamorous and chic, but with minimal effort. Once you've done it a few times, it only takes a couple minutes. It's an awesome way to dress up an otherwise casual look. Use your hair as an accessory!

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