Friday, June 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


+ People who create a facebook page for their child. I don't even. Does your 3-month-old really need a facebook? And do you really want to expose your kid that much?

+ I had a girl friend in high school who had a cute little butt. I thought to myself "I want little hips like hers." Little did I know that I had some ugly saddlebags in my future, very unlike the ones I had wished for.

+ Realizing that a real downside of working out every day is that you also have to shower every day. Such a dilemma. You already got clean yesterday, reasons the lazy one. Yes, but you got dirty again today, says the socially conscious one.

+ I bought some chewy calcium things that taste like tootsie rolls. So what do I do? I eat many. Many. And what do they do? They have a pretty awesome laxative effect if you exceed the recommended amount. Didn't see that coming.

+ The amount of gas I had a week or so ago. It literally kept me up at night. Is this a sign of aging? To not be able to sleep because you're so gassy? So awkward.

+ My reaction when a bee flies near me. People probably think I have Tourette's. The flailing, the expletives and then the subsequent facial tics from being so irked. It's not pretty. I don't even want to tell you how I reacted the times I've seen a snake on one of my hikes (almost every time).

+ The tanlines on my shoulders and chest. They're so white it looks like I'm wearing a white tank top. Geez.


+ Ninners when I give him a little cardboard shoe box to play with. He chews it up a bit, he drags it around his cage rearranging his "furniture," then he sits in it and rests his hands on it. It looks like he's driving a little car.

+ Desserts with friends at Claim Jumper. Sitting and talking in a restaurant for hours, with no pressure to leave. What a fun, needed thing.

+ Calling my mom and chatting for an hour. It's funny the effect the sound of Mom's voice has. Call your mother. You'll feel better.

+ The sound of children playing outside, splashing in the pool, bouncing balls and such. Looking out the window to see a little boy picking bugs out of your grass and lining them up on your patio, just for curiosity's sake. Happy, moving kids is one of the best sounds. The smell, on the other hand...

+ Snickers with almonds. Oh. Heavens. To. Betsy. Those things are...I can't even...

+ Watching my followers grow and grow! It's so exciting to be reaching new people! Last week we pushed to over 200 on GFC. Thanks for all the love, guys! Speaking of growing followers, if you don't already like The Framed Lady on facebook or follow @theframedlady on twitter, go do that.

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