Thursday, June 7, 2012

Morning Walks (and super awkward bend-over pictures)

My favorite things about walking in the morning:
+ Walking and talking with friends. Getting to know people better.
+ Getting sunshine on my nose and shoulders. Come forth, freckles!
+ Wearing my neon sports bras from Target, and other cute activewear.
+ Exploring local trails and hills and beaches.
+ Burning calories (obviously) and starting my day off by raising my heart rate.
+ Seeing squiggly snake trails in the dirt.
+ Looking at all of the blooming flowers and hearing all of the birds singing.

Oh gosh, there are just no downsides to walking on summer mornings. Except maybe one: rattlesnakes.

I've got a question for you guys. Does anyone get really flushed when working out? Even if I'm not working out really hard, I still get really rosy cheeks that don't go away for about 30 minutes after I've lowered my heart rate. Is this from dehydration? From heat? Can anyone help me solve this mystery?

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  1. great photo of you and your friends! I love morning walks as well. I don't really get flushed but boy do I sweat. It's embarrasing. happy Thursday!


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