Friday, June 1, 2012

Pier Joy

We went on a date this week with our friends and their baby. We walked the Oceanside Pier and ate at Ruby's over the water. The sky was purple and the water was blue and the food was delicious and greasy. We dipped fries in chocolate banana shakes and giggled with the baby. It's funny how when you enter a building, the sky and water are blue, and when you leave the building, the sky and water are black. And big, beautiful birds and happy, wiggly babies and good friends and food distract you from the fact that you are surrounded by bird poop and chum. And despite the poop and chum, you smell the ocean and the grease from the fryers and the baby shampoo, and all is right in the world because your olfactory bulb says so. 

Such a wiggly boy.

Update: I didn't edit any of these photos. The light was just right for some of them.

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