Thursday, May 31, 2012

Second Bedroom Fix-ups

Remember how we want to make our condo a vacation rental? Well, we finally got around to making the second bedroom an actual bedroom. Before, it was a tiny room, filled with stuff that I didn't want to deal with. Conrad used it as his office and as his dumping place for all things surf. I used it as a crafting/storage facility. Ironically, it was the only room in the house where art was hung. This week we bought a trundle day bed, hung curtains, and figured out a wall system for two of our several surf boards. I also finally dealt with the mounds of junk that had been accumulating for the last year. Now, it's the only finished room in the house. It's a functional office, bedroom, surf dumping ground, craft room, and storage area. We're still ruminating (pondering, not chewing cud) about a new desk for Conrad so he'll have a spot for all his books, so you may or may not see an updated version of this post including that desk.

Here's the process we used to help us organize and plan for this room:
1. Clean everything off the floor that doesn't go there.
2. Organize items into piles (books that need to stay in the room, surf items, etc.)
3. Decide the most effective way to store or display the items that should stay in the room (a desk or shelf for the books, bungees and hooks for the surfboards, labeled boxes for smaller items)
4. Get those things. Don't forget to measure!
5.  Play with room layouts and enjoy your newly organized space!

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