Friday, July 13, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

+ My showering situation. There's not so much of a situation that's preventing me from showering. I just haven't taken one in...a few days. Meaning four. I'm pretty ashamed.
+ My pinky toes. The nail is so tiny that sometimes I have to paint the skin so people don't ask me where it went.
+ Sitting next to a person with really bad breath. Every time they breathe, you try not to. But it doesn't work and you can smell their breath anyway, and you're fighting off the gag face.
+ The gag face.
+ Leaving the house with a clear face, then looking in the mirror a couple hours later and realizing a big, new zit has sprouted and is shining its beacon for all the world. How do these things happen so fast? It's probably a result of me not showering for nearly a whole work week. Maybe.
+ Me tasting alcohol-free wine. I'll stick with my sparkling juices athankyouverymuch. Because I'm five. And Mormon.
+ How humid it is where we live. It may be the only negative thing about living by the beach. I wake up sweaty like a little fat kid who took a long nap. I shower and I never totally dry off. I wear my bathing suit all day, under a dress or shorts, and it helps a little. But when it's time to get back in bed, the sheets feel damp. Not pleasant.
+ My blog's images which are on the wire right now. Sorry about that, for those of you who were trying to, you know, navigate the site. Working on it.

+ White nail polish. It makes my hands look so tan! See this post.
+ Conrad. Conrad is awesome. Most people receive compliments on their clothes or hair. I get compliments on my husband. "He's so sweet to you!" "The way he looks at you..." "Honey, maybe you should take note at how loving Conrad is to Tess." "Awww, he went out to the car to get something for you? My husband would never do that!" It reminds me how lucky I am.
+ Finishing up the semester with A's and B's. This may not be that impressive to most of you, but for a while it looked like it might be C's. And maybe a D. So I'm rather impressed with myself.
+ Our Graduation/Yellowstone trip which we leave for on Wednesday! I've got packing, and final homework assignments, I need to find a graduation dress, and I have to find a sitter for Ninners. So excited.


  1. OMG...I haaaaate showering - I'll go days without too. Totally grosses my husband out.
    I have the tiniest pinky toe also: I thought I was the only one!

  2. This was fun to read! Although, I have to shower every day, sometimes twice a day. I live in a place where it's hot and humid and I feel gross if I don't! And I hear ya on the bad breath thing. The person who trained me at my current job has horrible breath. I just didn't want her sitting at my desk with me but she had to. :/

    Have a fabulous weekend! :)


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