Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Humpday Link Love


It's Wednesday. Which, for the crude, means it's Hump Day. And what humps more than anything? Little dogs. Little dogs who deserve to be shamed.

Now you want to look at pictures of shamed dogs, don't you?

How's this for a breakfast idea? French toast with coconut syrup!

This cowl with wood buttons would be perfect this fall!

These vegetable cards are the perfect thank-you notes or greeting cards for the fall!

This is the most beautiful fruit tart I've ever seen.

Click here for some awesome blog networking.

What a cool idea for party decorations!

For those of us who steer clear of alcohol, here's a recipe for the equally stylish drinking vinegar.

Don't forget to enter the JUNIEblake giveaway!

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  1. Love that top livingroom, that canvas pic really brings it together!

  2. I'm your newest follower!! Found you on the link up! Following you on Bloglovin and Twitter :)

  3. i love the party decorations with the carnival tickets. adorable!
    xo TJ


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