Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Computer Screen Debacle of 2011, and how the day was saved


What do you do when your computer breaks? Particularly, what do you do when your husband trips on the cord, pulling your laptop off the table SMACK into the ground, putting a spider-web-esque crack in the LCD screen? This very situation happened to me.

I cried. I told my husband he was clumsy.

"I have irreplaceable things on that computer! I can't get a new one! I need that one! Pictures and videos and papers and resumes!" [this was obviously pre-cloud storage for me, and at the height of my personal issues with melodrama].

He cooed and comforted me until my heaving sobs quelled, then he promised me we'd fix my computer. After all, it wasn't the hard drive. It wasn't the "internal organs" of the beast, so to speak. It was the screen. It could be fixed (in retrospect, it probably could have been fixed no matter what happened to it).

Alas. The ominous "they" stopped making the matte version of my type of computer screen several years ago, since my computer was manufactured sometime in early 2007. Yes. It is that old.

In swoops Chip, the neon-clad warrior of technology (click on the following link to see what I mean) with his computer repair business with an equivalent screen. Only shiny. And do I ever notice a difference? Not ever. Conrad didn't bother me with the financial details of the transaction, but I can deduce, since he is the most frugal man alive, that it was reasonable.

If you're anywhere in North County San Diego, go to Chip. Did I forget to mention he also fixes smart phone and tablet screens? And does free diagnoses? And fixes viruses? And anything else?

Did I also forget to mention that Chip was the best man at our wedding?

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  1. Following from LIY :) Yahoo! Good to "meet" you :)

    Lady Million

  2. Haha. I would have acted the exact same way!! And I'm impressed you have a computer from 2007. I can't get a laptop to last more than a year or 2, that is, until I got my mac :)

    1. I've become attached. I feel like no other computer could truck it like this one has. It's such a tank.

  3. Came from Erins blog, new follower! love your blog.


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