Friday, August 10, 2012

The Grocery

Upcycled spaghetti scarf, coming soon to a giveaway near you!

I hate getting groceries. No. I hate anticipating getting groceries. When I'm at the market, it's actually not that bad. I hate the 1000 foot drive to the store. I hate leaving my comfortable, warm spot on the couch (what am I, a cat?) to go schlub around a cold place with strangers - or worse, people I know.

I garb myself in socially appropriate clothing, hoist myself out of my sunspot, and make the arduous trek to the Albertson's down the street, all the while, thinking to myself how much I'd pay to make someone do this for me.

I get to the store and fill my weird, double-decker short cart with groceries, buy them, and go home, only to now have to cook dinner with said groceries. Even worse, the cleaning after!

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is grocery shopping a joy for some of you (though I can't imagine such a thing).


  1. Hey I have a tutorial for that scarf on my blog!! I like it this long way also! :)

  2. I like grocery shopping, but I hate putting them away and having to make something out of them! But yes, weirdly, I LOVE the grocery store!!

  3. My least favourite part of grocery shopping is putting them all away when I get home! I just spent all this time & energy picking them out, packing them, driving them home, and now I have to put them away? Where's hired help when you want it? ;)

    Aside from that, I love the grocery store & shopping. Mostly because I meal plan and always have a new recipe that I'm looking forward to making =)

    1. How funny! I don't actually mind putting the stuff away. The nightmare is carrying all the heavy bags from my car to the condo. WORST. People can see me struggle to carry my weight in groceries from their windows. So awkward. And I'm too proud and lazy for multiple trips, so I load my arms will all the bags.

      By the time I'm done, I've got dents from the bags. At least my arms are getting toned!

  4. ohh this is hilarious, i feel the exact same way, although i am lucky because i live with my parents and my mom does the shopping haha but when asked to go grocery shopping..ugh worst thing ever. its always freezing, and then i always get hungry and want to devour everything in sight ha and i really dont like seeing people i for anything else and im on it, grocery shopping is just the worst

  5. I like going if I am already ready for the day. But the days I am sitting around in my underwear with no makeup? Haha. I hate getting ready to go.

  6. Oh sweetie, wait until you have kids. I hate shopping w/ kids! The whining, asking for treats, whining when I say no, asking for a different treat, crying when I say no, asking for yet another treat, throwing a full-on-throw-yourself-on-the-floor-tantrum when I say no. Yeah, don't so much like taking the kids grocery shopping. Did I just make it worse? I'm sorry. You're so right about the clean up. Not only do you have to clean the kitchen after cooking but there's the whole, clean out the fridge b/c it smells b/c no one cleans up spills mess too. Can we all just not eat? I do love food, mind you and I like to cook. Really being a tv cook would be best b/c then the shopping, prep and clean up is done for you!


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