Thursday, September 6, 2012

APM: Adult Public Meltdown

Steer clear of the Dragon's Lair. 

We've all seen or heard the kid in the grocery store freaking out because Mom won't let him have that candy or that toy. We've even seen the rarer teenager flip out at Dad in the middle of a male power struggle.

But what about adults? Have you ever seen an adult freak out in public?

Once, I saw a man screaming at someone who had blocked the road with his car. All I could think was, "There's no way anyone's going to take him seriously when it's so obvious he's throwing an adult tantrum." And I proceeded to laugh at him.

Once I got mad at Conrad and raised my voice. He looked at me and calmly explained that the loudest voice has the least control in an argument. That made me more mad.

Sometimes I have an internal freak-out when I'm in crowds. I start walking really - REALLY - fast in an effort to get out of it. I've earned the nickname Zoomie because of this.

Have you ever had an APM? Have you ever witnessed an APM? It's pretty funny, either way.


  1. Hahaha I've definitely had a couple and I try not to think about them. No matter how "right" I am, it's not worth making a scene.

    New follower from the mingle hop!


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