Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Channeling David Bowie as we make some ch-ch-ch-changes. source

We've been making a lot of changes in our neck of the woods (or should I say coast?).

Conrad is switching jobs! I can finally talk about it. For the sake of tact, I didn't want to say anything until he had discussed it with his current employers, but now I can shout it from my rooftop - er, ground-level balcony. Condos don't have rooftops.

He currently wakes up at 6:20 am.
He will soon be able to wake up whenever he wants.

The hours at his current job are not flexible. He has to be there early and leave late.
His new job will allow him to come in at any time of day and work 8 hours.

His commute is currently an hour long train ride each way.
His new commute will be ten minutes away from home. (He will be able to have lunch with me, or even go surfing on his lunch break)

New job will also pay more! Not a single bad thing about this switch.

I got a nannying job!
I've also been hired as the head media consultant and brand marketer for BusyBaby! Check my post on becoming an affiliate blogger for a free BusyBaby app!
I'm building a website for a local construction company!

And the big one:

I'm off birth control. We decided it's time to stop preventing. Here's the thing: I'm scared out of my mind. Maybe some of you can help me. How do you stop being terrified of getting pregnant? Help me be excited! Give me your words of wisdom, oh ye mommy bloggers.


  1. Girlfriend you should totally be excited. I could not wait to go off birth control and start trying for a little nugget! Its a life changing venture but so worth it

    1. It's so scary! We aren't officially "trying" (like I'm not keeping track of ovulating, etc.), we just aren't preventing. I prayed a lot about it and feel like this is what Heavenly Father wants us to do. Even if I don't get pregnant right away, I feel like I should be obedient.

  2. Ahhhh congrats on everything, but especially the last. I felt so scared 'telling the world' that we were officially trying. It's such an exciting time!! :)

    1. It's definitely scary to tell people! We've been really prayerful about our decision to stop taking BC, so I feel like I can now talk about it and find support with other people.

  3. The idea of getting pregnant and growing little people is scary, but it is also amazing! All of these changes are super amazing, the job(s), and the pregnancy news. I also know that Heavenly Father will bless you for being obedient. I don't have any mommy advice about getting over the fear, but it will be good :)

    1. Thanks for your inspiring words! I know that making a family is good, but sometimes it's hard to step out of my own selfishness and see that I need to obey. Thanks for the encouragement. I sure need it!

  4. giiiirl, i haven't been on birth control for over a year. (well, technically i wasn't on birth control before, but i did have an IUD..whatever you get it.) it's not really as scary as it seems at first. and this is coming from the girl who has THE most irregular cycles everrr. i honestly think that it will happen when it's supposed to. and when i think that way, i don't get so nervous.

  5. Girl, I'm actually secretly (not so secretly) pleased about the BC thing! We got pregnant because I went off my birth control & we just decided whatever would happen, would happen. We weren't trying to get pregnant. It's scary to not be on something, especially if you've been trying to NOT get pregnant for a while! It sort of goes against everything a person's been trying to do for a while, ha. It can be nerve-wracking but clearly you guys feel like you're ready to start a family whenever God decides it's time for you and THAT is so exciting!

  6. I am a new follower and I love your blog already (after the 2 posts I have read so far...). You and your husband are so cute! And I am so excited for you! Our daughter is 13 months, and it really makes me realize how I truly was meant to be a mom. Here is something to look forward for you! Today, walking around and holding my daughter (who just learned to walk and LOVES it), she was scrunching up her nose and huffing at me. I, in turned, scrunched up my nose and breathed at her many times quickly- making her laugh. We did this for a few min, and everytime she would stop laughing she would start to do it again- but I would do it first, and she would just go off laughing again.
    My daughter is just barely 1, and already I feel like her best friend. Is there a better reason to have a baby?


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