Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm a photogenic woman.

Ugh. I easily laugh out loud when I look at how bad some of these are. But for some reason, sharing them publicly is a little less easy.

Here's a tip for a really fun photo shoot: Shake your head around really hard, letting your lips and tongue fly wild. Have a friend or spouse snap pictures. Voila! You'll be surprised how you can resemble a horse. Here's a pic of Conrad in the same photo shoot.


  1. oh my gosh, these pictures are so cute!!! i love capturing laughter in photos. it just makes it more meaningful.

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  2. oh my gosh, you crack me up!! these are so cute! and you're a beautiful lady.. I love that you can be silly in front of the camera!

    I've tried that shaking head game with friends. HILARIOUS!!

    Pam :)

    p.s. Thank you for your email! You're awesome. I emailed you back and hope you got it ok? :) Let me know<3 hugs!

  3. Haha!!! I'm stopping over after seeing your guest post at Life of Bon... this post hooked me. You're too funny! I'm your newest follower!


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