Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Humpday Link Love, and things I want to say

I want to say THANK YOU so much - so much - for your encouraging comments, emails, and messages after my post about getting off birth control. Thank you for acknowledging how hard of a step it is for me. Thank you for not making me feel like I'm defective because procreation frightens me.

I also want to say THANK YOU for helping me choose my bridesmaids dress in this post! The vote was nearly unanimous. So I got the one you told me to get.

I want to say that my new nannying job has seriously thrown off my groove. You may or may not (more likely may not) have noticed how choppy my social media and blog posts have been the last week. This is also because we took a glorious weekend to LA where I was unable to use my computer. Follow me on instagram (@tesiahframe) for pics of the food we ate, crazies we saw, and the Gustav Klimt exhibit we crashed at the Getty.

I want to say the gyros are heaven sent. Period. I feel a little bit sad when I remember that I'm eating a lamb, but then the meat intoxicates me and I lose all normal human sympathy. And I eat three more in one week.

I want to say that the word "Humpday" is the worst. And I will continue to use it and hate myself for it. Without further ado...

Enter this giveaway to win a jewelry bundle!

Here's something to play with while you're bored at work. You'll figure it out. Do it and tell me what happens!

Put some glitter on your booties.

This skirt makes me want to be a school teacher. In Siberia, where it's cold.

Oh, Martha. An expert at insider trading and crafts. Make this succulent wreath this fall!

A site that makes t-shirts specifically for family reunions.

Someone had way too much time on their hands. Barbie and Ken wedding pictures.

I love this mustard yellow oversized envelope clutch!

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Holy crap, this is the cutest.

Details about Humpday Link Love: Link Love is where I share cool sites, articles, and images with you! All links are safe for work. I do not post anything on my blog that is not family- or work-appropriate. If you have any awesome sites you would like to share, email them to me at tesiahwilk [at] yahoo [dot] com. Free advertising!

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  1. You are the cutest my dear! Looking forward to perusing all the links during my little's nap today :) Fun stuff!


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