Monday, November 12, 2012

Becoming a Millionaire. Supposedly, it's easier than it looks.

Last week, I set a really huge goal for myself:

Become a millionaire by thirty.

I know. Huge. Unrealistic? Absolutely. I started reading Four Hour Work Week, and the author explained that you have to set "unrealistic" goals in order to gain the momentum to accomplish them. If you set mediocre goals, you're less likely to work hard for it, because it's not that great, and people often assume they'll get there without much effort. A goal that is already going to happen isn't really a goal. Also, there's way less competition for huge goals. Everyone realistically wants to make $100,000.

I want to document my process here. Maybe to help anyone who has similar goals? Maybe so I can write a book about it later? I don't know. You'll definitely be seeing more posts about it.

Here's what I know:
+ Working a day job won't make you a millionaire. An idea will.
+ Passive income is where it's at.
+ Choosing a partner is one of the most important decisions you can make. This person will either push you forward or hold you back.
+ You won't get as far with someone else's idea as you will with your own (for example, if you make a product that someone else already makes, you have competition from the beginning)

Here's what to do:
+ Set an unrealistic goal for yourself. Become a millionaire by age thirty.
+ Break your goal down into smaller parts. Set a timeline of steps that you need to accomplish gradually.
+ Make even smaller goals to accomplish those ones.
+ Get started. You're going to have to work really hard. Remember, your unrealistic goal needs a LOT of momentum, so you have to work way harder for it.


  1. This makes it sound easy. I would love just to have an original idea but all I can think of is fashion designs and that doesn't seem to be my calling.... If I could figure that out then I know I could do it.

    Can't wait to see the rest of this,

  2. Another great read is "The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth" by Richard Paul Evans

  3. Wow, a million? That's a lot of dough. Good luck!

  4. That's a great goal! I'm interested to see how you work towards it!


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