Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've sponsored many blogs during The Framed Lady's run, and some of them I've sponsored more than once. I know from experience that just because you've sponsored a blog one time, does not mean you've milked that audience for all it has. In one month, a blog might increase by 50, 100, or even hundreds of followers. There's no way all of those viewers were exposed to your blog, based on the simple statistic that not everyone was on their computer when your guest post went up (or whatever), and not all of the viewers decided to click over to you that time. Sometimes you have to really sell yourself before readers will decide to stick around, and that can take time.

I never hear anyone talking about sponsoring a blog "again," so I'm wondering if I'm the only one that does it? If I experience significant growth during a month while sponsoring a certain blog, I'll certainly consider sponsoring again. Price obviously has a lot of weight in that decision, but I'm willing to pay a higher price if there are a lot of followers to be gained.

What do you guys think? Do you sponsor blogs more than once? What factors are there when you decide on who to sponsor? 

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Do you lose authenticity as a blogger when you try to gain a following?

Oh, and also, I offer discounts for sponsoring more than once. Ask me about it!


  1. I haven't sponsored more than once...but I have thought about it! I don't see anything wrong with it. I have actually seen other bloggers sponsor something more than once!

    I'm with you, if I gained a lot of traffic doing it the first time, I know I will gain more a second time!

  2. If I gained a lot of traffic I would responsor.

  3. I have only sponsored two blogs. One of them is was twice and I love it. If I can afford it I would sponsor her again in Dec. I wish I could sponsor more but I don't have a 'job'. But I don't there is anything wrong is sponsoring again.


  4. I would totally sponsor again. Right now I'm on a number of blogs who had deals or I did a swap with them but my stats haven't moved very much so I know I haven't gotten as much out of sponosoring those ladies as I could. I would definitely do it again!

  5. I have sponsored 3 blogs one of them twice and have not had any traffic from any of them so I am probably not going to sponsor any more. I just have bad luck with it.

    1. Oh my gosh, don't stop sponsoring! It's so great! You just have to get the right blogs. If you're sponsoring blogs who don't have a lot more followers than you, then you can hardly get any new traffic. You want to sponsor blogs with a lot more followers.

  6. I actually re-sponsor all the time!! There are several blogs out there that I have sponsored and have huge success with so I sponsor them over and over again and each month it never fails that they are giving me the most traffic again. When I sponsor again I actually don't do the ad with a featured post, I usually take the smallest ad size that includes the group giveaway which gets lots of traffic. I don't think its wrong to get traffic from giveaways, they gotta see your blog to even read it right? if you don't get them there how are they going to even like your blog or become a reader? I also sponsor a few new blogs every month to kind of get my blog in other places around blogland. Ok now that I am done writing a book LOL. Hope this helps!

  7. I re-sponsor,if they have brought me a lot of new readers or mainly just because I like their blog. But I o find that quite a lot of blog charges are high, and as money is very tight for me at the minute i'm just sticking with swaps


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