Thursday, January 17, 2013

I already have mommy brain.

A few things, since my mind is all over the place.

  1. My first prenatal appointment is tomorrow, and I'm so excited. I get to see a little flicker on a screen, and probably something that very closely resembles a gummy bear. 
  2. Conrad is the greatest ever. He will love this kid so much. 
  3. I bought two new bras this week. Then, after consideration, I returned one, because it will really only fit me for a few weeks before I need to buy an even huger one. This whole "growing" situation is one of the most stressful things for me. 
  4. I also bought a juicer and a new blender. And my life is that much closer to being complete. 
  5. My email account is taking its final gasps of air. It is so ridden with disease and spam that I should really just put it out of its misery. And also, it's still my maiden name. Which means it was really time for a new email about 4 years ago.
  6. I'm officially a certified "eyelash technician," which means I can put eyelash extensions on you in exchange for money. I'm not really sure how to spread the word and get more clients. Help?
  7. Chores really seem to get away from me. I'll muster up the energy to clean the kitchen, and by the end of it, I'm so wiped out that I take a nap or lounge around for the rest of the day. I get nowhere close to cleaning poor Ninners' cage, or doing laundry, or heaven forbid, cleaning the living pile that takes up most of the floor space in our room. I'm a one-chore-a-day type of girl, these days. 
  8. My brain goes blank mid-thought. I'm useless, I say. 


  1. what a cute little bump. you should post about it on facebook amybe you could get clients that way and have your friends share with theirs?

  2. Ah, the bra thing. The best pieces of advice I got were 1) go somewhere where they help you you figure out what size(s) you need and/or will need, and 2) the bras you wear as you get pregnant are the same ones you will wear after pregnancy (in reverse order). So, it might not be such a bad idea to keep the bra that you'll only wear for another month, because after the baby you'll have the chance to wear it again (though not right away). Also, I was told that if you can comfortably fit two fingers in your bra then that's the size you need because it'll fit you now and give you room for the inevitable growth still to come. I found that to be true! Good luck in your search for comfy bras. :-)

  3. congrats! you looks great :) New bras have definitely been the first "maternity" item i've had to purchase with both my pregnancies lol. ridiculous!

  4. aww that is one cute little baby bump! congrats! i def had mommy brain too! lol

  5. Conratulations!!! Look at that cute baby bump :) I followed you from the bloghop! So excited to get involved in this community and read what others have to write :) Hope you will follow me back

    Thanks so much for your great posts!!!

  6. Congratulations!! I am pregnant with #4 (28 weeks tomorrow!) so exciting and you are too cute!! Newest follower from Have a blessed day! <3 Leish

  7. I just found your blog today (via the blog hop) and I'm already loving it. I'm a new follower! A friend of mine got eyelash extensions last month and I fell in love. I want some bad! You don't happen to live in southwest FL do you? :) Not sure I have much advice for getting the word out though... I would start by telling everyone you know and they will probably pass it on.
    Congrats on your pregnancy!

  8. Coming over from the blog hop! Congrats on the baby!


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