Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pregnancy Milestones

I hit nine weeks on Saturday, and am told, according to my handy-dandy app, that baby is the size of a grape and it has all its parts. Nothing new will show up, just get bigger and stronger.

The thing is finally showing me some mercy as far as sickness goes. I was able to go to church yesterday, AND have dinner at the in-laws. A real milestone. Now that I'm feeling better and don't only crave the absolute worst things for me (like foods consisting only of carbs and dairy, or laying down all day), I'm wanting to pull a couple healthier things into my diet and schedule. Like more walking, more vegetables (maybe in the form of green smoothies?), and more blogging.

A couple things to document:
- My back is killing me. I'm dying to get a massage, but they won't let me because I'm not in my second trimester. I can't even sleep at night because my back is so sore.
- My nails are growing really fast. Weird.
- I'm finding myself less and less afraid (or having other generally negative feelings) about pregnancy. I'm getting more excited.
- I daydream about the gender.
- I'm not even the tiniest bit worried about any defects. I always thought that would be something that worried me.
- I thought that once I became pregnant, it would be the only thing I could think about. My brain pretty much does its normal thing, with the occasional, "oh, yeah, there's a baby in there."
- My dreams are off the heezy. I've always been a very vivid dreamer, and I always remember my dreams, but even for me, these dreams are cray.
- I had my first migraine today.
- I really only barf once every few days, and it's always on a night where I stayed up later than I should have. It's funny how your body tells you what it needs. I now know if I don't go to bed by 11, I'm going to throw up, usually in the middle of brushing my teeth.

I have my first ultrasound on Friday, and we get to see the heart beat. I'm definitely noticing that as the sickness goes away, I get much more excited about the whole thing!


  1. Pregnancy is always fun, and the random things it does to people. I loved pregnancy dreams- it was always the coolest part of trying to get sleep.

  2. so happy that the Tessrad baby grape isn't slaying you anymore. :)

    1. thanks! it was awful, but it was over pretty quickly. I was surprised, because everyone told me I'd feel super sick all the way until second trimester.

  3. pregnancy dreams, oh how i do not miss them! I didn't know you were expecting! Congrats!

  4. My nails & hair were AMAZING while I was pregnant! My hair is the longest it's ever been thanks to my pregnancy haha. I hope you get super awesome nails & hair too - it helped me feel better when my stomach was the size of a house ;)

  5. Enjoy the thick, strong nails and (if it applies to you) hair while it lasts! I certainly did! :-) My baby's 6mo old now and my nails have finally thinned and started tearing again, and my hair has gone back to its normal thinness too. I'm glad there are some happy pregnancy symptoms, and that you are getting to experience them! :-)


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