Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back on board

I found this picture from almost a year ago, and I realized it pretty accurately portrayed how we felt about pregnancy about six weeks ago. (I should clarify that this is because I was sick, not because I didn't want a babe)

I'm sitting here, eating my tortellini with pesto, knowing in 7 months I'll hate myself for all my carb and dairy based meals, shaking my fist at the sky saying "this baby weight is so freaking hard to lose!"

I was browsing Pinterest, when a sudden desire to jump back into blogging hit me. Morning sickness is getting better in some ways, and worse in others (almost no vomiting, but really painful stomach aches from gas). I figure if I'm well enough to nearly resume my normal daily activities - aside, of course, from dishes and laundry - then I'm well enough to try to blog at the capacity I once was.

Conrad and I went to lunch at this new Jewish-style deli, and we decided to drop in to Barnes and Noble. When we go to B & N, we quickly grab a large pile of books that seem appealing, find a spot to sit, and binge-read. We almost never buy the books, because, hello, amazon.

Today, I grabbed a couple parenting books friends had recommended, and several home-decorating books, and we plopped down and browsed them together. Conrad decidedly set the parenting books aside to buy, as they were text-only, and not as fun to look through. Together we flipped through the pages of the home-decorating books, talking in hushed voices about our favorite styles. We've always loved looking at homes and floor-plans and styles together.

Then he did something super wild. He decided he wanted to buy one of the home books. This sort of purchase NEVER happens.

He sure keeps me on my toes.

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  1. wow..having 2 kids, I can't imagine just sitting in a nice!


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