Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When you fall in love with a cousin. And other things.

I had the most wonderful day, full of events that most people have already experienced.

Conrad has been doing night work this week, which means he's home with me during the day. I love/hate it. I love having him here, but I feel like I can't do my normal daytime stuff.

Today was the first time I felt able to exercise since I got pregnant. I got dressed to go for a walk, and I noticed that my belly was almost it's normal size, which tells me that the bloat from early pregnancy is gone, or nearly gone. I went for a mild walk with my friend, and then we went and grabbed some free pancakes for lunch at IHOP. [Thank you, genius who decided there should be a "national pancake day."]

I came home and watched a few old episodes of Downton Abbey [I would marry this show if our legislation allowed that sort of thing... mmm, Cousin Matthew...amiright?]. I ate apples and cheese and snuggled with Conrad while we waited for our lasagna to cook.

Side note: freezer lasagna takes for freaking ever to cook. Oh, it's three hours before dinner? Better get started, pregnant lady who's already starving.

We ate dinner, and I went back to my lover, Downton. I laid on the couch, and all of a sudden, I felt some gas bubbles. Except gas bubbles are in your intestines, which are behind the uterus. These were more, er, frontal. I froze. I paused my lover, and my other lover sat in silence, holding the belly that holds our baby. I told Conrad he wouldn't be able to feel it, but he tried anyway.

Around ten weeks, I thought I had felt the baby move. People had told me it might feel like gas bubbles, so I thought I'd recognize the feeling. The thing was, about ten minutes later, I was all fart fart fart, and I felt a little silly. This time, it was frontal, extremely light, and I could only feel it if I stopped moving. Also, I had just eaten, which I think wakes baby up or makes him move around.

Then Conrad left for his night shift, and I watched more Downton lover, and ate some late night sauteed mushrooms, and cried a little bit, and had a soda in the hopes that making my baby a caffeine junkie might allow me to feel him move a little more. To no avail.

I know he's so small right now, so I may go several weeks without feeling anything again, but it sure was nice to imagine him bouncing around in there, shouting at the top of his bean-sized lungs "That lasagna was yummy, Mom!" and jumping on my bladder like a water bed. Filled with urine.


  1. I love Downtown so much!!!

    It's kinda funny...I read your post today because of the title. My brother date a very distant cousin in college. What's funny is he didn't know they were cousins at the time. But now that I know it's cousin Matthew I COMPLETELY understand.

  2. I didn't feel Emily move until about 19 weeks and then it was constant after that! :)


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