Friday, February 1, 2013


I got my blood drawn for genetic screening.
Didn't even cry.

I'm noticing that my personality is leveling out. Before pregnancy, I was very emotional, quick to anger, and easily bothered. Now I'm much more calm, which I attribute to just plain obliviousness.

I just don't notice stuff that used to make me mad, like bad drivers or being cold.

Having moderately terrible morning sickness helps calm you down, too. When you're throwing up for weeks on end, you tend to let lesser things slide. It really puts into perspective the things that are worth freaking out about. It also shows you how little control you have over most things.

Some pregnancy notes, both awkward and awesome:
- I'm noticing that I'm breaking out more. Not on my face. My face is actually pretty clear. My chest is taking the brunt of these hormones. When I mentioned it to Conrad, he said, "Ya, it's like going through puberty all over again. You're full of hormones, stuff is growing, and your going to get zits and hairs in weird places." What a sage.

- Morning sickness hasn't really subsided. I still get sick pretty consistently, but I'm figuring out what I can and can't eat, and when I can eat, and how much I can do in one day before I get sick from exhaustion [hint: it's not a lot].

- Conrad is loving my cravings. We'll go get cheeseburgers at 9:00 at night, and one of us will promptly throw it all up. He likes picking things up for me. One day I texted him and told him I wanted Fruity Pebbles. He picked some up after work and we stayed home and munched Pebbs all night.

- My belly is growing!! I can no longer button my pants. I wear a Be Band to hold everything together. Shirts still fit, but are getting tighter around the middle. Can't feel baby moving yet.

- Speaking of clothes, my mom and grandma took me shopping for maternity clothes - an activity which sounded like the cruelest of tortures. I get to the store and am trying to find something just to humor them, and this perky sales lady wouldn't leave me alone and just let me shop. She kept following me and telling me the prices for everything (as if I couldn't read the prices myself), and telling me all about her pregnancies. She could tell I wasn't enjoying myself, so rather than just leave me alone, she starts explaining how she knows how frustrating it can all be. I'm thinking to myself, "YOU are the reason it's horrible! Get away from me! Stop trying to upsell me on ugly clothes!"

I go in the dressing room with my mom, who can tell I'm totally overwhelmed, and I just start crying. My mom and I proceeded to talk crap about the sales girl until I stopped crying, and we speed-walked right out of the store, with the girl calling behind us, "come back and visit me soon!" Poor thing must have been desperate for human attention.

- My latest cravings (though, I must specify, they are usually one-time cravings. I rarely want the same thing again sooner than a few weeks): Fruity Pebbs, apple fritter, cheeseburgers, meat (I want meat a lot).


  1. Hi! I don't know if I've ever posted a comment or not, but I've been following for a little bit. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and can relate so much to things in this post. My emotions are all over the place too and I just bought my first round of maternity clothes, even though I don't quite need them yet. Looking forward to experiencing this crazy/magical time right along with you.


    1. How fun! I hope your pregnancy is easy! I'm DREADING buying maternity clothes. I may try to avoid it altogether.

  2. I'm just over 7W. Just some nausea, no real MS yet. No cravings either, sadly. The breaking out is horrible. Getting zits on my shoulders is annoying. I get them on my face (only a couple at a time), but when they finally go away, more come within the next day!

    1. Oh, you're lucky! I got sick INSTANTLY. Like a week and a half after conception. Hope your pregnancy is easy!

  3. Pregnancy brings out the BEST and the WORST!! I hear ya on the acne, (I'm still dealing with it!) My face looks like I'm 13, and my chest is horrible too! WORST part of it for me, yuck!!

    Glad to hear that your doing well though - and booyah for the hubs supporting your cravings!!

    1. I know! He's awesome for being a good sport about the whole thing. The acne is super weird, since I've never really had it before. I had some zits in high school, but never anywhere but my face, and now they're showing up in large amounts in weird places! At least they aren't really deep ones that leave scars.

  4. Congrats Tess! I'm sooo happy for you! You and Conrad are going to be such sweet parents. So... as for maternity clothes... I don't think I ever bought anything specifically "maternity". I did use a Bella Band the entire 40 weeks, so I never had to wear the weird maternity jeans. LOTS of skirts and maxi-type dresses were SO comfy. As for tops, I wore lots of empire style shirts. Good luck! You'll look great no matter what!

  5. I caved and bought maternity clothes, despite really not liking them. I put off buying them until I was almost 6 months, but even with a belly band my jeans were just uncomfortable to wear! They fit fine, but having an open zipper rub on my belly was getting painful. If I have to recommend anything, I would say maternity jeans & shorts are DEFINITELY worth getting. Nothing is as amazing as stretchy jeans that are comfortable but still make your butt look good when you're 8+ months!

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