Saturday, February 23, 2013


- I want to go on a roller coaster more than anything. Probably only because I know I can't.

- I'm making more of an effort to eat more produce, since my diet has consisted mainly of carbs and dairy. I bought some stuff this week to make healthy choices easier. I bought salad mix, pre-cut fruit, tortilla wraps, and turkey. Three months ago, this would have been weak sauce. These things were all part of my diet. And then the little booger inside me decided he only wanted cheese, because apparently mamas with love handles are better mamas. So we're starting small.

-Cravings this week: salads, fruit, fresh foods. This "health initiative" isn't very hard considering I want all of the foods. I think your body is pretty good at telling you what it needs.

-I'm noticing with all these bump pictures that I look more pregnant in the pics than I do in real life. In real life, I don't actually look like I have a bump. All my shirts are getting mysteriously tight around the middle, and I'm getting a bigger butt, but no "real" bump. I like to pretend, though, so I'm going to keep posting pictures.

- Conrad's work schedule has been weird lately. He's had to work a lot of night shifts, which means I sleep alone until he comes home. When he gets in bed at 3am, my sleep is seriously disturbed, which gets to be really frustrating when it's already hard enough to get comfortable. So what does he do? Does he tell me to get over it? No. He sets up a sleeping bag next to the bed, and on nights when he works late, he sleeps on the floor. When I told him to go sleep in the guest bed, his reply was, "the sleeping bag is actually really comfortable, and I want to be close to you." Oh my gosh. I deserve an award for Best Husband Picker. (Or should we maybe give the award to him?)

- I found a site on Pinterest that goes through your pregnancy week by week and tells you what you should do each week. It's mostly all stuff I already knew, but some of the suggestions are good, like signing up for a prenatal yoga class and preparing for a babymoon. See the article here.

- Speaking of Pinterest, somebody better come to my house and Pin-tervene. I've been on it a lot lately. A lot. Here's some baby/pregnancy related stuff that I liked.


maternity wear black

best baby shower card ever
no source given, but this is awesome

Little messages in a bottle for mom-to-be at nautical themed baby shower
Nautical Baby Shower that goes perfectly with my current favorite, the beach/whale nursery!

How do you incorporate healthier foods into your pregnancy diet without making yourself gag? When should I start talking to my mom about a baby shower?


  1. I just found out I'm having my second! Last pregnancy I craved carbs and fruit in the beginning, and then ice cream, burgers, and carbs in the end. I wasn't very careful! I had my baby shower at 7 months. I was huge but still comfortable. I think it was perfect.

    1. Congratulations! I've wanted a lot of meat. I'm not super concerned with weight gain. I know the difference between healthy and unhealthy weight in pregnancy. I'm just worried that I'm not getting enough nutrients and that baby is taking them all from me!

      I love that you said you were "huge but still comfortable." It's good to hear someone who was happy in their big-ness. :)

  2. My dr. was a nazi about eating.. but huge on protein. I would say the best way that I incorporated healthy foods was to buy healthy foods and to not have the temptation at home. If I was out or wanted to go grab something I did, but it made the unhealthy less available. This works for being pregnant or not. (will also help post baby).

    Baby showers are so FUN .. talk to her now to let her know you want one! !

    1. I'm noticing if I have healthy food in the house, I'm WAY more likely to eat it. Same with unhealthy, but baby steps, right?

  3. First, your bump is too cute and I love that dress.

    Second,"the sleeping bag is actually really comfortable, and I want to be close to you." {be still my heart} That HAS to be the sweetest thing ever!

  4. You COULD go on a roller coaster.. I went to Disney world when I was 4 months (I think?) and rode almost all of the rides. I think most women would be horrified by that, but I didn't go on any really extreme ones. I asked my doctor before I went and he basically said to use my discretion with what I thought was appropriate haha.


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