Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Pregnancy this week

Everyone, meet my belly

- I'm officially in my second trimester! I'm about a third of the way through.

- The belly has arrived! I had a few people mention my pregnant belly this week, which means it's now noticeable to others! I'm really proud of my growing bump, and I'm happy that I don't just look bloated.

- If I had typed this post earlier in the week, I would have told you how great I was feeling. How I hadn't thrown up in over a week, and how my energy is coming back. But Saturday, all progress was derailed. We went to a friends birthday barbeque, and Conrad and I shared a hot dog and a cheeseburger. We went to the park for a couple hours, then went back to the party house for cake. I had one particularly hefty piece, and it was the sugariest cake I've probably ever had. The sugar didn't feel so great on my stomach, since I had eaten a few hours before and had a nearly empty stomach. I had another hot dog to try to fill myself with food. But then I was still hungry, so I had another one. And then I took a really long nap (like, a hard nap, not a soft, catnap). I woke up after a few hours and felt really sick. I knew it was time to eat again, but those three hot dogs were really barking. Needless to say, that stuff had to come out. I've felt woozy ever since.

- My appetite is increasing. I find myself really looking forward to the next meal instead of dreading it. I'm able to hold my food down (unless it's an excess of hot dogs), and even brushing my teeth is easier. I don't feel as sick at night anymore.

- I finished reading The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy this week. It was super funny. I'd get in the bath and just read for an hour. I'd laugh out loud every few paragraphs. If you are wanting a good pregnancy book but don't want one that's so tame and medical as "What to Expect," get this book.

- I've done a lot of thinking about what is coming, like labor, delivery, nursing, caring for a baby, losing baby weight, body changes, etc., and I have decided that I'm truly not scared. I'm probably being naive, but I know I can handle everything that's heading my way. The experience is what I make of it.

- One of my friends brought us dinner on Sunday. I stayed home from church because I wasn't feeling well (leftover from Saturday) and she asked Conrad where I was and if she could bring us dinner. I mean, I knew people did acts of service for you once your baby was born, but while pregnant? This girl was just too nice.

- Things I'm craving: Still meat, but NO chicken. Beef, turkey, fish, pork, and even lamb are better to me than chicken. Every time I try to make chicken, I gag a little and push my plate over to Conrad. I seem to always want a sandwich or a burger, even at breakfast. I want things that have a briney, vinegary flavor, so things like pickles, mustard, and vinegar go great with my sandwich craving. I'm thinking about trying to can some dilly beans. My mom used to make them and I have a hankering for them that is like a thousand winds. It cannot be stopped.


  1. I'm 14 weeks too but still not showing much - I can't wait till I've got a proper bump! I feel ya on the sickness too, I didn't throw up all last week and then yesterday and today have been back to square one for no apparent reason! Oh the joys :)

  2. I couldn't eat chicken or bacon while I was pregnant because the smell of them made me gag! And you can TOTALLY do everything that is ahead of you :) you're going to be a great momma!


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