Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Either I'm in the second trimester now, or I will be next week. Things are changing! Hope you're ready for TMI, because here are some updates:

- Morning sickness is getting better - sort of. I seem to throw up a lot less, but it's being replaced by really painful stomach gas. I'm not sure which is worse.

- I'm still sleeping on my stomach. I'm just about to the point where it's slightly uncomfortable, but if I put a pillow under one side (like under my right or left hip), I can elevate just enough to sleep pretty well.

- Cravings: MEAT, cheeseburgers, any and all dairy products.

- Hot baths seem to help with stomach aches. I think the warmth and the pressure of the water on my body are soothing. Or something. I'm not going to pretend like I know anything.

- I don't really have pregnancy rage or weepiness, but I get these weird moods or urges that are pretty strong. For example, Conrad likes regular Coke, and I like Diet. We went to Costco for some pizza, and decided to share a drink. He got half regular, half diet. I was legitimately mad at him for a good twelve hours, even though he went and switched it out for all Diet. Another example, I'm dying to rearrange my house. I don't know if it's even pregnancy related, but the intensity of the desire to throw my furniture away is almost overwhelming.

- There is no greater enemy to me right now than laundry and dishes. NONE. Not even gas.

- I miss my family like crazy. One of my books says this is normal. You'll want to be with family once you start experiencing it for yourself.

- Acne is mostly under control. Pre-pregnancy, I was able to shower every other day and be perfectly clean and fresh. Since I got pregnant, though, I've had to adjust my shower routine to avoid sophomore-esque breakouts. As long as I shower, or even just rinse, daily, it's no big deal.

- I had this weird pain the other day that felt like my stomach muscles were tearing. My poor body has never experienced trauma like this before. And it's only the beginning. Baby is currently the size of a shrimp, according to Baby Center (I won't be eating shrimp this week), and it needs to get to the size of a... well, a baby.

- Not showing yet. I've always had a pooch, even at my thinnest, so I probably just look like a regular, bloated chick to most people. My pants won't button (or even zip partially). Usually I'm just at home wearing my loosest sweats, my robe (or Conrad's, if mine's being washed), and my hair's in a bun. So much for prenatal radiance.

- Even with all the weird, uncomfortable changes, I love it. I love knowing there's a baby growing in my body. I would never have made it as an L & D nurse, or an OB. I would have just sat there with the women saying "it's so amazing!" over and over, and probably rubbing their bellies in a creepy way.


  1. Thirteen weeks, that's so exciting! Congrats! I just had my baby last week, and I didn't REALLY start showing until 24 weeks. At least, I was able to keep it from one of my jobs until I was 24 weeks.

  2. 3rd baby and I started showing around 13 weeks...now im 18 and look 25 lol

  3. I've never been pregnant so I can't relate, but I can tell you half diet half regular coke is my favorite drink!! Wayyy better mixed! Good luck with your pregnancy, I love seeing your updates!

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