Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All the posts about what happened in Boston

This guy. My brother. He goes to Berklee School of Music in Boston. 

He lives on Boylston Street, where the two bombings happened. 
So with all the people writing posts and status updates and sharing articles about how bad the event was,
I'm here to say

Pray for the people there.

Because I promise, 
You know someone
Who knows someone
Who was there
And who was affected. 

(He's fine, he was not hurt, but the fact that he lives on the same street compelled me to ask for your prayers, especially for the families of those who were hurt or afraid)


  1. My prayers are with all those affected. All I keep asking myself is why? why do humans do things like this to other humans? I don't know anyone personally who was there, but it has really effected me. I have seen some of the graphic photos online of the injuries some suffered. I just can't comprehend why someone would do this.

  2. I actually do know someone who knows someone who was there. They are definitely in my prayers.

  3. Finally! I've been needing to know someone who was affected but safe! I knew that through my blog buddies someone had to have a connection to this event. Thank you for giving me the comfort of knowing your loved one is safe. I cannot imagine the scary thoughts flowing through is head as this event was unfolding. Sending love you way!


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