Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gray May

Is it just me, or was April the longest month ever? Probably just me, because the days seem a lot longer when you don't sleep well at night. 

Looks like we're starting May off the way we always do. With cloudy skies and warm temperatures. April was full of sunny, even hot days. May is usually kind of gray, and so is June, but they're warm. Then July comes and we get really sunny again, and it stays that way until well into November. Our seasons are way off, but you won't hear me complaining. 

I had some pretty strange - but not entirely unexpected - things happen this week. I started getting nighttime leg cramps, which I remedied with kiwis and bananas, and they went away. I took the glucose test (an experience which deserves a post all to itself). I jumped on the web design bandwagon. I've already got two sites I'm working on, and though it's kind of slow-going (pregnant brains learn Photoshop and Illustrator much slower and with much greater frustration, apparently), I love it. I'm really excited about developing some skills in this area. The opportunity kind of came out of nowhere through the business my husband owns, and I decided to see what I could learn and who I could help.

I love when stuff like that happens.

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