Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Habits

I was recently invited to become a pioneer user for a new site called Happify. It's a new site that is "led by a group of proven serial entrepreneurs who have teamed up with the leading scientists and coaches in happiness research and training. Our goal is to provide users with an innovative new online/mobile product that uses interactive activities and games to help users form daily happiness habits and build social connections with like-minded happiness seekers."

I've been using the site for the last week, and the activities are very fun. There are games, polls, quizzes, and activities that help promote happiness. Several of the specific tasks I've worked on were journal entry type activities where I recognize and write down some of the things that are in my life that make me happy. And you know what? It works.

I'm way more aware of little happinesses like sunshine, the cute squeaks of my chinchilla, my baby's big kicks, and the sweet acts of kindness my husband does for me.

I want to invite FIVE of my readers to join Happify and try some of these science-proven techniques for becoming happier!

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  1. The silliness of my 25 kindergarteners. They are THE funniest kids...Oh, and my boyfriend as well. :) He's my biggest supporter!

  2. Lots of things make me happy. I'll go for something random... BUBBLES! I love bubbles. They make me smile whenever I see them floating away on a breeze or forming foam in the sink. It's weird, I know, but there you go. :-)


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