Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The truth about my body

If you want to read all the weird things that are happening to my pregnant body, browse through my pregnancy updates. I don't consider my pregnant body my normal body, nor do I really consider it all mine, so I won't be talking about weird stretching or scratching or sagging in this post (but like I said, if you like that sort of thing, I do a pregnancy update every week that you could read!).

The truth about my body is:

I don't have that many quirks, which I guess might be a quirk in and of itself. I'm not double-jointed

My leg hair is blond. The only reason I shave it is because if it gets too unruly, you can see it glistening in the sun. I can go several weeks without shaving.

I don't have ANY scars. I get hurt. I get scrapes just like everyone else. They even scab and leave a mark for a week or two. But I don't have a single, lasting scar about which I could tell you a cool story. I've actually always secretly hoped for appendicitis so I could have a cool ridged scar to show off. I'm totes jelly of you girls who have battle scars. (Keep your fingers crossed for a c-section, amiright? Just kidding)

I get really tan in the summer, but I also freckle - permanently. My mom has tons of freckles on her chest and arms from a history of sun exposure, and that's the path I'm headed down.

I have two identical birthmarks, one on my shoulder blade and one on my upper-outer thigh (hip?). They are a patch of tiny freckles, but they never fade. They are about two square inches, and from a distance, they just look like a little tan spot.

And just for fun:
The truth about MY HUSBAND'S BODY
Get ready. It's fun. His body, I mean. Too much? Ok, dialing it back.

Conrad has a lop-sided head. His skull has a big bulge on one side. When we buzz his hair, it's super obvious.

He's all legs. His torso is only slightly longer than mine, despite him being almost a whole foot taller than me. We affectionately refer to his gams as "grasshopper legs." Our baby boy also has freakishly long femurs for a fetus.

Conrad has this awesome tuft of hair smack in the middle of his chest. And he gets a tiny bit hairier every year. Hmmm... We may have to whip out the wax in ten years. Do some manscaping.

That's all, folks! Link up to my girl Kate's fun new link up, The Truth About. This week's theme is obviously The Truth About My Body (no self-deprecating, only funny quirks please!). Next week is The Truth About My Job. Keep an eye out for more fun link ups!


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  1. Surprisingly, my c-section scar is barely visible and it's so low down there, I'd have to be naked for someone to see it. LOL

    I also freckle quickly and permanently. My mother is the same way. I no longer go "tanning". Sunscreen is my friend.

  2. as much as you DON'T scar, i do scar. there is not a scab or scratch or zit that hasn't left it's permanent mark on my body. but i honestly don't really mind (except for the acne scars...those blow). gilly sliced me with her claw a few months ago while we were wrestling and now it looks like i tried to off myself with a sweet slit of the wrist. but i only have one suuuuper light birth mark. so..there's that. and truly, conrad is the leggiest person i think i've ever met. garrett, unfortunately, is all torso like me so we'll be lucky if our kids even have legs.

    thanks for joining the link up. :)

  3. I scar like crazy but then they seem to fade after about 10 years. Lets just say I had a very accident prone childhood and those scary are finally fading!

  4. I wish I could go weeks without shaving! lucky duck
    stopping by from the link up :)

  5. I am suuuper jealous of your blonde leg hair (side note--can you imagine saying that to anyone in real life?!?) mine is black as night and grows in like sharp prickly razor blades. Okay, TMI for one comment. Great post!

    1. No such thing as TMI! And yes, it would be pretty odd to hear someone say all that in real life, but I would instantly become close friends with whoever said it. In college, one of my neighbors in the dorm told me I had a great rack, and we were besties immediately, haha!


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