Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The dreaded glucose test

I took my glucose test this week. I was prepared for the worst. I had heard horror stories of women who vomit or even faint from the drink. I was expecting a thick, syrupy drink that was similar to corn syrup, and I was expecting a lot of it. I thought they were going to make me drink a liter of it or something. 

Better than I expected:
- The taste, texture, and amount of the drink. It was similar to Hi-C, that super sugary juice drink we used to drink as kids. And it was just a mini water bottle size, so it was pretty easy to put down.
- I didn't have to fast. They just told me to avoid sugar and eat a few hours before the appointment. I had a bowl of cottage cheese for breakfast, then went to the test 3 hours later.
- I brought Conrad with me, and it made the hour pass much faster. 

Made me irritated:
- The incompetence of the guy who checked me in. I went to him with my papers and he told me I was all checked in and they would call my name. He even looked at my chart and saw why I was there, and he had me sit down and wait. I ended up waiting for 20 minutes, precious wasted time that could have been spent drinking the drink. After waiting for that long, he called my name and said, "Oh, Tess? You're here for the gestational diabetes test? Oh. Let me go grab the drink for you." REALLY, GUY? I've been sitting here for 20 minutes thinking I had to get my blood drawn first when I could have been 20 minutes closer to being done with this whole thing? Dummy. 
- Because I had a mostly empty stomach, I started to get a tiny hunger headache. It probably didn't help that Conrad and I decided to pass the time by going for a walk in the sun. It went away as soon as I ate lunch thought.
- When they drew my blood at the end of the hour, the technician decided that she didn't want to use a vial with a green cap, but a vial with a grey cap. So she had to poke me again. Which was so fun. 

Overall, the test was really not as bad as I expected it to be. The parts that peeved me the most were the staff, who were not on the top of their game, and I was probably just more irked because I was so hungry. 

So for those of you who are nervous about taking this test, don't let people convince you that it's going to be horrible based on their personal experiences. I'm not promising it will be awesome, but don't be afraid. Not everyone has a bad experience with it. Same with, you know, labor. 


  1. I am jealous! I go in this week and they told me to fast 12 hours before and my dr automatically has everyone start with the 3 hours test.....ugg 4 blood draws! Glad yours went well :)

    1. Aw bummer! Well, I've heard one benefit of the three-hour test, and it's that you might get the fruit punch flavored drink instead of the orange, and I hear the fruit punch is easier to down. Good luck!

  2. Glad yours went well, mine wasn't too bad and I got lots of magazine reading done. My friend just had hers done, they dropped her vial and she had to go back in and redo it. And it made her sick the first time because she had to fast and she didn't like the taste. So, that's where the horror stories come from.

    1. Yeah, the drink definitely doesn't taste good, but it's not as bad as people had made me believe it would be. It was basically like those super sugary non-juice juice drinks we used to drink as kids (like Hi-C or Tang). I can see how it might not make you feel good. I guess I was a lucky one!

  3. It's not near as bad as everyone makes it out to be! I had a bad reaction to mine though. Glad yours went well.

    Found you on the b.You blog hop. Thanks for cohosting!


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