Friday, April 12, 2013


My sister and I, making a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Italy, one of the world's most famous wishing spots. 

We set goals at the beginning of each new year. We let them fall by the wayside and forget about them. I thought it would be fun to do a little post about re-setting some goals after the hype of new year's has worn off. 

These are the goals I set at the beginning of this year: 

+ save 40% of what we make
+ have a baby
+ enjoy every minute
+ be a better journal keeper

We are pregnant with our first baby, so that one is pretty much out of the way, if Heavenly Father blesses us with a healthy pregnancy and birth. 

I started a journal specifically for letters for Conrad. As often as I can remember, I try to write him a little entry about how good he is to me and why I think he'll make a good dad. I think it will be nice to look back on when we have our kids, and I wrote all these letters to him about why I want his babies. 

We aren't quite saving 40% of what we make. We made some huge budget changes in November, and it gets easier every month (I'll talk about our budget soon). We're saving close to 30%. 

Enjoy every minute. This one's weird. I feel kind of silly for setting such a non-specific goal for myself. Of course there are minutes that have been hard, that I didn't "enjoy." Like, um, morning sickness, for example? But on the other hand, I'm grateful for those hard minutes. I feel like they made me more patient and showed me that certain things are out of my control and I need to be ok with whatever comes. I feel like I've been better about this one than I have in years past.

Some new and modified goals:
+ have a healthy, squirming baby boy
+ be an even better journal keeper
+ perfect the budget system and save as much as possible
+ enjoy every EVERY minute, and be grateful for hard ones
+ have the courage to do things alone, like go for walks and go to the beach. Learn to like me-time.
+ exercise at least 4 days per week (we'll let the month of August slide, for childbirth reasons)
+ be more tender. I tend to be kind of intense and high-energy in real life, which is fine for certain occasions, but not all the time. I want to be more tender, a more loving and sympathetic friend, more sensitive to the Spirit and to other people, and more easy-going. All skills I think I'll need as a mother. 
+ be less judgmental. Realize that other people can do things right even if they aren't doing it my way. Accept people's differences and love them for it instead of separate from them.
+ completely stop gossiping. Girlfriendssss. This one is going to be hard. We all like talking about people. It's fun. And it's not always negative. But it almost always is none of our business. 
+ be a source of light. I want to bring life to things. I want to make people happy.

What are some goals you'd like to re-set? Or some totally new goals? How can you keep your inspiration and drive for these goals? I'd love to hear them!


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