Friday, May 3, 2013

Answers to Questions

Last week I opened up to reader questions. Here are the answers to some of your questions!

How many kids do you want?
I go back and forth on this one. I used to want a lot, but then when I had super terrible morning sickness, I swore to the heavens that this baby would be an only child and I was never going to go through that again. But now morning sickness is gone, and I'm back up to "several." I kind of love the idea of having a houseful of happy children. Maybe three? Maybe four? Maybe even more! We'll stop when we feel like we can't handle it anymore, or when we feel like Heavenly Father has sent all the little angels that were meant to be in our family. 

Were you trying to get pregnant?
Yes. First official try and we had a baby on the way. I was expecting to have at least a little bit of trouble getting pregnant (meaning it might take a few months), so I started documenting my pregnancy journey. But then, BLAMO, we were blessed enough to get pregnant so quickly, and I felt kind of silly for expecting issues. 

What is your faith?
I'm a Mormon. There is so much I could say in answering this question. Here is a list of thirteen basic statements which very briefly explain Mormon beliefs. Personally, I find happiness here. I believe that families can be together forever through this gospel, which is something that I definitely want for myself and all my loved ones. I also believe in the awesome power of Christ's atonement, through which we can be forgiven and return to live with Heavenly Father. If you have further questions, you can email me at or inquire through the church directly by contacting missionaries in your area here

What advice do you have for other bloggers?
Um, sponsor me? Just kidding. I've written several posts on blogging, tips, and networking. Here's a list of some of the posts:
Easy Blogging 101
Like Weeds: Tips that helped me in growing my blog
Why Facebook Pages Suck
Feature on The Feminine Crusade (top five pieces of advice about blogging)

I love answering questions about my blogging experience, or sharing tips. If you have any other questions about it, email me or leave a comment!

Do you read every comment posted on your blog, even days after you posted the post that your readers commented on?
Yes! I actually have my comments set up where I get emailed every time I get a comment, so even if you comment on a post that I wrote a long time ago, I see it and read it! Every comment you leave brings a little extra joy to my day (granted the comment is a nice one). So go ahead, comment more! I do my best to reply to comments where it would fuel a conversation. Sometimes I don't get around to replying to every single comment, but please know that I see them and love them!

Where did you get all of the outfits for the photo shoot you did (pictures in this post) and who did your styling?
For that photoshoot, I worked with the amazing David Talley. He provided all of the outfits, which I think were all thrifted. I did my own styling and makeup as directed by the artist. :) We wanted to do a creative shoot that was kind of dark, so I went with darker, more dramatic eye makeup (not like glam-heavy, more like dark-circles-and-spooky-expressions-heavy). I actually didn't do anything to style my hair, but the reason it looks different in some pictures is because of David's awesome editing skills!

It was really fun reading what you guys were curious about me. Have a question that wasn't answered? Leave it in a comment or send me an email at I'd love to start a conversation with you! 

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