Saturday, May 4, 2013

Twenty Five

- I took my glucose test this week! You can read about it here. And my results are within the normal range according to my medical records. We'll see if my doctor has anything to say about it on Monday.

- This "tan-faster-when-you're-pregnant" thing is no joke. See below. Also, observe my new swimsuit. Watermelon colors! You know, to house the watermelon as it grows. 

- Conrad pointed out how clear my skin was this week, and it made me realize I haven't had a zit, or even a blackhead, in a few months. I broke out a little bit at the very beginning, but mostly on parts of my body other than my face. I'll probably break out again after I have the baby, due to more massive hormone fluctuation.

- We were talking about lullabies we want to sing to our baby, and we realized we have kind of unconventional taste. Several Celtic songs were on the list, as well as David Bowie, Nat King Cole (Nature Boy), Cat Stevens (Morning Has Broken), The Honeydrippers (Sea of Love), and Billy Joel (Goodnight My Angel). 

- Conrad has been kind of impatient so far about waiting to feel the baby kick. He thought he could just set his hand on my belly and the baby would kick him immediately, not realizing that the baby may not feel like kicking at that precise moment and he might have to wait. If he had his hand there for more than a minute without feeling anything, he'd become bored and distracted, and would usually just stop trying. Last night, he had a bout of patience and decided to lay his head on my belly and just lay there and let our boy kick him in the face over and over. It was pretty precious. He gasped at every kick.

There's some major pre-baby bonding going on over here, guys. Major. 


  1. You look great and I love that suit! Where did you get it?

    1. Thanks! I got it at Target. It's not maternity. They have all those cute mix and match suits.


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