Friday, May 24, 2013

Pregnancy Dreams of Late

Despite my new sleeping arrangement, the raging hormones and my own subconscious thoughts have left me with quite a few weird dreams lately.

- A nightmare in which I and my crew of heroes were searching for a monster that was terrorizing our village. We trekked to the abandoned life-size dollhouse on the tiny island in the middle of a lake at night in search of the beast. We searched the house with all of it's SUPER creepy dollhouse stuff, and finally happened upon the monster, which was a giant sloth. Yes, a sloth. Only super fast. We had to run away from it, getting lost in all of the corridors of the house. We finally got back to our little boat safely and started putting back to the village. I looked behind us up at the house, and the creature was staring at us through the tallest window. It then let out a blood-curdling screech, as I'm sure sloths don't do, jumped out the window in a physics-defying leap, and landed on the boat by latching it's mouth square on my boob. Then I woke up.

I think I have some issues with breastfeeding. Not sure.

- A dream which I don't remember at all, only that my baby was born with giant, bionic ears.

- A dream that was actually Conrad's (hormone induced dreams must be contagious, or he's just preparing his brain for a baby. Either way.). The baby came out spanking brand new speaking full, adult-level sentences, and was being passed around church having conversations with everyone.

- A multitude of other dreams which I don't remember because they were interrupted by leg cramps, night sweats, trips to the bathroom, or I woke myself up with my own sleep talking.


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  1. OMG pregnancy dreams are definitely the CRAZIEST! It was so nuts the dreams I would have.

  2. Hahahaha I looove dream stories, that is so hilarious.

    Oh my gosh I don't even want to knowwww what I'll dream about when I'm pregnant! I already have the craziest. dreams. on. earth. hands down.

    Once I dreamt that I gave birth to a vicious monster that would terrorize the town during the night. It was green and ugly and even killed some people but I loved it with all my heart that I was horribly upset when everyone tried to take it away from me. I woke up crying. Seriously.

    1. Oh, girl. I wake up crying all the time, too! It's like, a normal thing in our house. My husband always tells me I was wimpering in the middle of the night or early morning, and he spoons me until I'm quiet again.


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